Usage of Nuclear Weapons in the World

Usage of Nuclear Weapons in the World. Nuclear weapons are weapons that have a high destructive power, obtained by the combination of nuclear reaction and nuclear fusion, or by a much stronger fusion. Unlike general explosives, it is used to do much more damage. A weapon used is powerful enough to destroy an entire city or a country, alive and inanimate.

The Greatest Danger of the New World

Even the definition is scary, is not it? Nuclear weapons have entered our world in the past century, and fear for the soul of all mankind. We saw the size of the impacts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki with bombs. This weapon, which wipes out a wide range of environment, can survive even after many years. Furthermore, it is not possible to do farming and animal breeding because of the radiation. It is even dangerous to step into these zones.

Our world has witnessed the cold war of two super powers over the past century. These countries were the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The whole world was afraid that this restitution would fall into action. The two super powers that were supposed to be mentioned did not bombard each other but scare each other. The two sides did not want a possible nuclear strike. Essentially, these weapons are not used for a possible war, but a state used by the states to prevent a possible war. In general, according to the knowledge we have, we will examine the countries with these weapons.

Nuclear World Altlık

Countries With Nuclear Silos

United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Kora, Israel, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. Here is the categories of countries that use nuclear weapons.


1: States with nuclear weapons in accordance with the “Treaty on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons”

United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom and France

2: the Other States with Nuclear Weapons: India, North Korea, Pakistan

3: Nuclear Weapon Assumptions: Israel

4: NATO’s the Nuclear Sharing States: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands

5: Former Nuclear Weapon Holders: Belarus, South Africa, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

Note: In 1993, South Africa became the first country to deploy nuclear weapons. In 1995, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine signed an international agreement and returned all nuclear weapons on their territory to Russia.


Map of the state of nuclear use in Europe.

Nuclear Europe