What is the Official Language of Poland?

The official language of Poland is Polish.

Polish, the official language of Poland, is spoken by 50 million people worldwide. The young population in the country generally speaks English. It is also spoken in Poznan and in German, because of its border with Germany. Due to the former Soviet pressures, the majority of the elderly population can speak Russian. Polish is spoken by 38 million in Poland, including a total of 50 million people in the world is estimated.
It is the 3rd most spoken language after Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. Polish’s roots are estimated to have been spoken for 1,500 years, even though they have reached 5000 years. With Christianity, Poland also accepted the Latin letters. Thus, the spoken language could now be written on paper.

Features of Polish

Polish has its own grammar and is a very complicated language. The word takes the addition from both the front and the end. Names and adjectives in Polish, depending on how they are used in different forms. Singular names are divided into three as masculine, feminine and neutral. Verbs are completed and in progress in two forms. There are formal and informal forms of appeal in Polish.

There are 32 letters in the alphabet and there are different sounds created by the two letters side by side. Especially when the silent 2 letters come side by side, the word can be quite difficult to make. One of the reasons that make this language difficult is that each word has a gender, including masculine, female and neutral. It is a language that can be easily learned in 2-3 months due to the similar grammatical structure and vocabulary of those coming from Russia and Ukraine. Even the Polish people express that they cannot use Polish in a regular manner.