What is the Official Language of Turkey?

What is the Language of Turkey? The official language of Turkey is Turkish. According to the Constitution: “No language other than Turkish can be taught as an official language to Turkish citizens in educational institutions, and the principles that foreign languages to be taught in education and training institutions and schools that conduct foreign language education and training shall be governed by law.
According to the law in Turkey, Kurdish, Zazaish, Arabic, Georgian, Lazure and Bosnian languages in education and training can not be done. The main languages in Turkey: Turkish (88.54%), Kurdish (8.97%), Zaza (1.01%), Arabic (2.38%)

English in Turkey

1.5 billion people speak English, 400 million of whom are native speakers. In other words, the difference of 1.1 billion indicates that people speak this language as a second language. According to a report published by the WeForum, one of the two European countries that use English at least is Turkey.

The first three countries on the list are the Netherlands (72.16%), Denmark (71.15%) and Sweden (70.81%). Azerbaijan ranks last on the list with 46.90%,  and Turkey is above it with a rank of 47.89%. The average of all countries in the list is 53.49%.

The big difference of the Turkish language from European languages might be the reason of low speaking rate of English. Also, the inadequate education system in Turkey can be another reason.