Why “Country Name” … Google Autocomplete Map by Countries

We wrote the country autocomplete results on the map. Unfortunately we have not been able to write the countries with the smallest area (Albania, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland). You can see them in the following text and review them. Here is the Why “Country Name” … Google Autocomplete Map by Countries.

Albania – Why Albania is poor?

Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Although Albania has tried to develop in the field of technology, it has not been successful for a long time. Both the brain drain and the current technological situation are the most important problems that prevent this development. The vast majority of the country’s income comes from agriculture.

Austria – Why Austria is not in NATO?


In 1955, Austria proclaimed itself to be permanently neutral. They think that they do not need to join the Austrian NATO, which has no border with Russia. Neutrality is an advantage for Austria. Austria and Switzerland, which are not in NATO, are at the center of many international institutions and this should be another advantage of being neutral.

Belgium – Why Belgium is called cockpit of Europe?

Brussels is one of the largest lobbying centers in the world. Therefore, many decisions and policies are controlled and managed from there.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Why is Bosnia and Herzegovina one country?

Contrary to popular belief, Herzegovina is not a country, it is only the name of a geographical region in Bosnia. Many people use Bosnia only, there are people who think that the name of Herzegovina should not exist.

Bulgaria – Why Bulgaria joined WW1?

Yalta Conference

Bulgaria wanted to take part in this war in order to take back the lands it lost to Greece, Serbia and Romania in the Balkan War and to get to the Aegean Sea. He signed a treaty with the Allied Powers on September 6, 1915 to create Great Bulgaria and declared war on Serbia on 12 October.

Belarus – Why Belarus is called White Russia?

Castle in Belarus

The name Belarus comes from the period of Belarus and first appeared in German and Latin medieval literature. The Latin term for the region was Russia Alba. Historically, this English has been referred to as Belarus in English, although it is a slight misinterpretation of English. White Ruthenia, which defines the area filled by the various states occupying the correct translation region.

Croatia – Why Croatia is not in FIFA 18?


They are not in FIFA because they wanted a lot of money from Electronic Arts. They do not team up under different names and unrealistic names like the PES game because what matters most to EA is reality and realism. For this reason, creating a different team would undermine this effort.

Czech Republic – Why Czech Republic and Slovakia split?


Before these two countries left, the name was Czechoslovakia. The main reason for the separation of the two countries is polarized thought in society. Different nationalities, different histories, different World War II heritage, different opinions about Russia have been decided to leave with the joint decisions of the leaders of two different nations. Shuan is living peacefully in two countries.

Denmark – Why Denmark is the happiest country?

There are many reasons for the happiness of counseling, such as wealth level of the country, high GDP, people’s purchasing power, social facilities, people doing things they are happy with. The Danish government is really trying to make its people happy and Denmark is happy not in rat race like other countries, but in their own case.

Here you can find the 10 most happiest countries in the world.

Estonia – Why Estonia is not a democratic country?


Estonia can not be called a democratic country because the rules of citizenship have been shaped to make it difficult to vote for the Russian minority.

Finland – Why Finland education system is the best?


In Finland, schools are equal. The nation’s teaching profession is highly respected. When Finnish children are ready they start the school. Pedagogical research is emphasized in the country. There are no strict standards and strict rules in teaching methods as in other countries. Practical learning is a priority. Homework is not choking and it is not very long and school days are short. That’s why Finland has the best education system in the world.

France – Why France is the popular?

Although the French are not very hospitable, they are one of the most popular countries in the world, even though they do not speak English. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, France has an important city like Paris, and it is a factor that has many neighbors beside it. In the country Unesco Heritage, the world is at the top, and even the weather of France is a factor. You should not forget quality wines and fine food

Germany – Why Germany didn’t invade Turkey?

Turkey, Spain and Sweden, 2 in Germany was a country which serve the purpose during World War II. Especially Turkey, both in their early modern Rhodesia and was a major supplier of chromium, which is a key war material by South Africa. Turkey could be risky as an enemy.

Greece – Why Greece hates Turkey?

Greece Waters

The truth lies in its original history, the Ottoman Empire invaded Greece and kept it under more than four centuries of patronage. The genocide claims of the Greeks, as well as the islands in the Middle East, are among the main reasons. The Greek and Turkish people generally say: “There is nothing that separates the two peoples from each other and I do not feel any enmity, not our enemies, but our governments.”

Hungary – Why Hungary for study?

Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular educational destination, especially in medicine. Hungarian higher education, among other things, has gained great credibility over the years in the scientific field. Beyond high quality education, Hungary offers a vibrant and inviting culture, a fascinating history and beautiful cities.

Iceland – Why Iceland is the most peaceful country?

The low rate of criminality, not being affected by terrorism in the world, the scarcity of violent crime and the low military spending. Purification of the world’s violence and purification from its pollution. Yes Iceland is the most peaceful, calm country in the world.

Ireland – Why Ireland is great?

We do not know why Ireland is great and why it’s been searched so many times on Google, but we can make a few impressions. Maybe because of the Guinness beer, maybe because of the whiskey. It could be because the Irish breads and ireland tea are delicious. We do not know these factors make it great.

Italy – Why Italy is famous?

What’s not in Italy? Delicious pastas and pizzas. History-smelling cities. Venetian, Roman, Oblique. Quality wines. Fascinating art and culture. Ferrari, Lamborgini. Fashion at Milan. We should not be surprised at why italy, which has everything it takes to make a country famous, is famous. You should not forget the beautiful sicilian coasts.

Latvia – Why Latvians have 6 toes?

Actually, it’s a joke. It’s a joke the Estonians made for the Latvian people. We can not find a source of why they made such a joke and why it was the most searched word on google.

Liechtenstein – Why Liechtenstein is so rich?

They have a higher GDP due to the cost of living inflation. Due to tax and travel policies, these places are becoming attractive to tourists / people who are looking for second homes. Small country governance is an easy one and at the same time it means rich country.

Lithuania – Why Lithuanians are suicidal?

Lithuania is the country with the highest rate of suicide in Europe. This is mainly due to poverty and depression in poverty in the country. Bad weather, unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, lack of social services and alcoholism can be considered as other causes.

Luxembourg – Why Luxembourg is rich?

The description in Liechtenstein applies in Luxembourg; They have a higher GDP due to the cost of living inflation. Due to tax and travel policies, these places are becoming attractive to tourists / people who are looking for second homes.

Macedonia – Why Macedonia is greek?

Macedonia was a northern Greek territory in the past. For this reason it is the country with the highest Greek population after Greece. This should be the biggest reason for this search on Google.

Malta – Why Malta is the most underrated?

It is hard to imagine that an island with a view of Italy on the horizon in the Mediterranean can be preferred for sightseeing. When you tell people you go to Malta they usually ask: Where is Malta exactly? What country is in it? What are you doing there?

Moldova – Why Moldova may be the scariest country on earth?

Associated Press has published a terrible report on criminal networks trying to sell radioactive material to the Middle East extremists. At the center of the four cases the Associated Press learned over the past five years, there was Moldova, a small and poor Eastern European country.

Monaco – Why Monaco has no king?

Monaco is a country ruled by the Principality. They are called Children of the Kings. The kingdom is ruled by the princes, not the kings. In countries such as Monaco or Liechtenstein, a Prince is seen as a higher feudal leader.

Montenegro – Why Montenegro has Euro?

Monaco does not have its own currency. They used the German mark but later decided to use the Euro unilaterally without the european union. The European Union is not pleased with this situation and hopes that Montenegro will solve this problem in the European Union membership process.

Netherlands – Why Netherlands is called Holland?

Holland is a western coastal region of the Netherlands and an old province. The Holland name is often used informally to refer to the Netherlands as a whole. This use is widely accepted in other countries and is seldom used among the Dutch themselves. However, people in the Netherlands, especially in other parts of the country do not want to use this name.

Norway – Why Norway is not in EU?

The Norwegian people twice said ‘no’ during the referendums and each time showed a large majority. The reason for the ‘no’ was that their membership was a threat to Norwegian sovereignty, and that there would be less favorable conditions for Norway, a state of equality and prosperity, to which fishing industries and agriculture would be badly affected.

Poland – Why Poland is poor?

Poland is actually not one of the poorest countries in Europe. We can say average in ranking. The greatest reason why the country is in this situation is that the Polish economy is having a bad blow in the second world war. These effects continue to be a cause.

Portugal – Why Portugal the man?

When you search for Portugal, a band of music comes out. “Portugal. The Man”. Experimental or alternative rock style music group’s origin is Alaska.

Romania – Why Romania has fast internet?

Romania is the world’s fastest internet destination after South Korea. Approximately 15 megabits per second. This number is about 5 times faster than the average speed of the internet that Americans use at home.

Russia – Why Russian woman are beautiful?

Russian women like competition, spora and care. They have to be pretty good because the status of a Russian woman who does not have a man is considered low. For this reason, there is beauty competition among women. We can all just say genetics and turn it off.

San Marino – Why San Marino is not part of Italy?

According to the legend, San Marino was a virtually independent country since ancient times since 301 years. Then the founder San Marino famously said to the mountain community: Relinquo vos liberos ab utroque homine, thus freeing it from both the temporal power and the power of the Roman Pontifex. Pope Niccolò IV recognized the State of San Marino in 1291.

Serbia – Why Serbia started ww1?

After the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on the Serbian and Russians. The Balck Hand triggered the First World War. The Black Hand was a secret Serbian military society. Serbian Army established the Black Hand.

Slovakia – Why Slovakia is bad?

Unhealty food, to much smoking and alcohol, negativy of people. This may be due to a number of reasons such as this.

Slovenia – Why Slovenia is not the Balkans?

In fact, Slovenia was in the balkans until 1991, as part of Yugoslavia. However, after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Slovenia became the richest and richest country of Central Europe, and it became a country that flourished from other Balkan countries. Its features are therefore not defined as the balkan country, and Slovenia itself did it.

Spain – Why Spain should grant Catalonia its independence?

Catalonia already has autonomy in Spain with the agreement. They recently made a referendum on independence, and Catalonia has stepped back from independence because of the reaction of the Spanish police and the UN countries. Why Spain should grant If we come to Catalonia its independence, we do not know. This country is very much about domestic affairs.

Sweden – Why Sweden is the best country?

It is not surprising that Sweden, one of the world’s top 5 countries in terms of human rights, standards of living, appears on google with this search. Sweden is the best child care provider in the world. He has the world’s longest paid parental leave. There are many reasons such as these are taking Sweden up.

Switzerland – Why Switzerland never gets invaded?

Actually, it’s simple. We all know that the rich start the wars, but the ones who die are always innocent. Where the rich people of the world hold these money. Your notice, Switzerland.

Turkey – Why Turkey can’t join the EU?

EU-Turkey relations have come a long decades. But besides a number of European Union member states oppose Turkey’s entry into the European Union. Let me get to the underlying causes of this, Turkey’s acceptance as part of the Asian countries. 99.9% have a Muslim country of Turkey. In addition, Turkey’s failure to fulfill the conditions set by the European Union.

Ukraine – Why Ukraine is poor?

The fact that Ukraine is poor is in fact very obvious. Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe because of the reasons of war with Russia, lack of production and inefficiency, high corruption and so on.

United Kingdom – Why United Kingdom is rich?

Britain pioneered industrialization in the late eighteenth century and developed many industries and institutions that helped maintain a strong economy. These include the rule of law, property rights (intellectual and physical), competition law, an independent central bank, democracy, contract law, checks and balances and an independent judiciary, bankruptcy laws, welfare state and compulsory education. People can invest in knowing that the government will not steal their capital. Due to historically accumulated capital and skills, Britain has a huge production capacity, strong potential for innovation and low costs.