Wine Producing Countries (world map)

Each year a new country joins in between wine producing countries. You can see Wine Producing Countries on the below map.

Italy, France, and Spain are the top 3 countries that produce wine. They are the most competing ones every year.

Since 2013 Italy is on the top of the list in a stable manner. France and Spain are the followers as well.

After these 3 eu countries the United States is standing there.

WINE BLOG Wine Producing Countries (world map)
Wine Producing Countries


Here is the top ten countries that produce wine in 2014:

Italy; 4,796,600 tonnes

Spain; 4,607,850 tonnes

France; 4,293,466 tonnes

United States; 3,300,000 tonnes

China; 1,700,000 tonnes

Argentina; 1,498,380 tonnes

Chile; 1,214,000 tonnes

Australia; 1,186,343 tonnes

South Africa; 1,146,006 tonnes

Germany; 920,200 tonnes

Portugal; 603,327 tonnes

And here is the question! 🙂

Are you a beer lover or wine?



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