World’s Most Powerful Passports in 2018

A passport is a key that can lead people to a worldwide reputation. Passport power is proportional to the number of countries that can be entered without a visa.

In a project, Arton Capital questioned the power of passports and created the “Passport Index”. Arton Capital has searched how many countries it is possible to enter, which countries are more difficult to access, who opens the door to more passports without having to obtain a visa of a country citizen and compiled the information that is reached.

When we look at the map above and the list below, as predicted, the advanced level of the countries and the strength of the passports are directly proportional. The countries that are given the most freedom of travel to their citizens are considered economically as the on-the-spot countries. In the last part of the list, there are mostly poor, small and domestic problems.

World’s Powerfull Passports Map

In the map above you will see countries with the world’s strongest passport. The concentration on the European side is remarkable. At the top of the list is the European country Germany, where citizens can enter without visas in 178 countries.

1. Germany

Governance of Germany

In 2018, Germany’s passport, the world’s strongest passport, ranks first in the list, offering visa-free travel opportunities to 178 countries. So if you have a German passport, the number of countries you can enter without a visa is very small.

2. Singapore

Capital of Singapore

Visa-free access to 176 countries is possible with Singapore’s passport, considered one of the most exciting routes in the Far East.

3. Japan, France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, England, Norway, and Finland

Climate of Japan

Those with passports of any of these countries can travel to 175 countries without the need for a visa.

4. Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, and Austria

Climate of Switzerland

Passports of these countries, which offer some of the most valid passports in Europe, can travel to 174 countries in different regions of the world without a visa.

5. Ireland, Portugal, South Korea, and the United States

Capital of Ireland

The passport of one of the countries of the United States, South Korea, Ireland, and Portugal allows direct travel to 173 countries.

6. Canada

Climate of Canada

Canada is one of the countries with the most interest in recent years. The passport of the country that brings together those who want to study and travel to cities like Toronto and Vancouver provides visa-free travel to 172 countries.

7. Australia, New Zealand, and Greece

Population of Australia

Visa-free travel to 171 countries is possible with the passport of the continental country Australia, New Zealand, and Greece.

8. Iceland and the Czech Republic

Iceland Waterfalls

Iceland, which fascinates travelers with its natural beauties, and Czech Republic’s passport, which welcomes a large number of tourists every year, with its capital Prague, can visit 170 different countries of the world without wasting time.

9. Malta

Honeymoon in Malta

If you have a passport of Malta, a small island country in the Mediterranean, you can travel to 168 countries in Europe and worldwide without having to deal with visa procedures.

10. Hungary

Governance of Hungary

Well-Known Hungary with fun spas and fun parties offers visa-free travel to 168 countries with its passport.

11. Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Slovakia

Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in Europe, and those with passports of Slovenia and Slovakia can enter the 167 countries of the world without a visa.

12. Malaysia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Capital of Malaysia

Malaysia and Baltic countries Passengers with a passport of one of the countries of Lithuania and Latvia can travel to 166 countries in total without a visa.

13. Estonia

Capital of Estonia

It is possible to travel to 165 countries without a visa with the passport of Estonia on the Baltic Sea coast.

14. Poland

Capital of Poland

The world’s strongest passports are usually from European countries. Those who have a passport of Poland, another European country, can enter the 163 countries without a visa.

15. Monaco


If you have the passport of Monaco, one of the smallest countries in Europe and the world, you can travel to 162 countries without a visa.