The World’s Weirdest Foods

After the local dishes and the world’s tastiest meals, we also wanted to talk about the creeping foods when we heard the name. It was not easy for us to prepare this post. ūüôā Click here or here if you can not stand it anymore while looking at the pictures. Have a few delicious links under your hand. And here is The World’s Weirdest Foods!

1. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu cheese The Worlds Weirdest Foods

Casu Marzu, a fermented sheep cheese filled with live fly larvae, has a very tough and aromatic taste. You can find it in luxury restaurants in Italy.

2. Tarantula

Tarantula The Worlds Weirdest Foods

Tarantula, a large, hairy spider and poisonous spider, is prepared by frying in Cambodian kitchen. And there are those who say that the taste is exquisite. Served with hot sour sauce and red pepper.

3. Scorpion Soup

Scorpion Soup The Worlds Weirdest Foods

Scorpions are used in this traditional soup of southern China. Just to see is enough to frighten many people. In addition, Chinese scorpion fries have become one of the street flavors.

4. Durian

Durian The Worlds Weirdest Foods

Growing in Southeast Asia, this fruit looks like a sea urchin. The yellow color gives a delicious sensation, but the smell is so unbearable that even entering the airport is forbidden. It is said that the stench resembles a sewer, rotten meat and a dirty calf. It’s just one of the foods that cause the bad smell of China.

5. Balut

Balut The Worlds Weirdest Foods

Balut, An interesting meal made from fertilized duck eggs. In other words, the egg in which a live duckling is found is boiled and served. This meal, prepared from 17 days old egg, may come out when you visit the Philippines.

6. Century Egg

Century Egg The Worlds Weirdest Foods

Ducks or chicken eggs, also called millennium eggs, are kept in a special mixture prepared from ash, clay and salt for months. After the process, the egg is in a white-brown jelly consistency, and the yellow green color is turning. It is a popular food in China.

7. Larval of the Wasp

Larval of the Wasp The Worlds Weirdest Foods

You can find it in Japan. Furthermore, Japanese people say that it is pretty sweet. You can eat this food by adding soy sauce and sugar.

8. Escamoles

Escamoles The Worlds Weirdest Foods

It is said that this dish of giant black eggs made from ant eggs has the taste of goat cheese.

9. Cicada

Cicada The Worlds Weirdest Foods

Rubbing and frying. Cicada, resembles a potato.

 10. Sannakji

Sannakji The Worlds Weirdest Foods

A meal from Korean cuisine is Sannakji. Moreover, you can eat the live octopuses with spaghetti wrapped in small sticks with various sauces.
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