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Provinces of Bulgaria-Oblasts of Bulgaria

Provinces of Bulgaria-Oblasts of Bulgaria. There are a total of 28 provinces in Bulgaria. Province is called as oblast in Bulgarian. Provinces is also divided into 265 municipalities. In this article we will get some general information about the provinces of Bulgaria. Below you can find Bulgaria’s Provinces map. Provinces of Bulgaria Provinces of […]

Animals Living in Madagascar

Animals Living in Madagascar. Until today, there have been a variety of living beings living in Madagascar, but we have unfortunately destroyed some special species as human beings. For example, elephant birds, the world’s largest birds, are also among those species that are consumed. The size of these birds was about 3 meters. The […]

What is the Official Language of Poland?

The official language of Poland is Polish. Polish, the official language of Poland, is spoken by 50 million people worldwide. The young population in the country generally speaks English. It is also spoken in Poznan and in German, because of its border with Germany. Due to the former Soviet pressures, the majority of the […]

Counties of Ireland

The island of Ireland is divided into thirty-two counties. Six of these thirty-two regions are located in Northern Ireland. The number of county in Ireland is twenty sixty. Counties of Ireland are used geographically to separate local government areas. Counties in Ireland were established with a system similar to the counties used as local […]

Regions of Morocco

The regions of Morocco were created in 1997 with the enactment of the localization law. Since 2015, Morocco has been divided into 12 regions. Regions is the highest administrative level in Morocco. The regions are divided into 75 sub-provinces. The regions are governed by the governors of the king. The governor also manages […]

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