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Animals Living in Madagascar

Animals Living in Madagascar. Until today, there have been a variety of living beings living in Madagascar, but we have unfortunately destroyed some special species as human beings. For example, elephant birds, the world’s largest birds, are also among those species that are consumed. The size of these birds was about 3 meters. The […]

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Map Universal is.. Map Universal is a corporation established by a group of cartography lovers. In our team, we have map engineers, city and urban planners and graphic designers. We are focused on to bring you the most unique and up-to-date maps with impressive and useful contents. We know that maps are not just images […]

Kosovo / Maps, Geography, Facts

Flag Capital Tourism&Travel Districts Kosovo, located in the southeast of Europe and in the very center of the Balkans, declared its independence in 2008 following the war with Serbia. The country has borders with Serbia, Montenegro, the Republic of Macedonia and Albania. Where is Kosovo? Geography As the geographical position of Kosovo, in […]

The Gambia / Maps, Geography, Facts

Flag Capital Tourism&Travel Regions In West Africa, the only land border of the Gambia on the Atlantic coast is Senegal. The Gambia River passes through the middle of the country and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the smallest countries in the African continent. Where is the Gambia? Geography The […]

Switzerland / Maps, Geography, Facts

Flag Capital Tourism&Travel Cantons Switzerland is a country in Central Europe, and it is the confederation that was formed by the assembly of 25 provinces. It is the most mountainous country among the countries in Europe. Approximately 60% of the land consists of mountains. Particularly the Alps cover a large part of the […]

Malawi / Maps, Geography, Facts

Flag Capital Tourism&Travel Districts Zambia is located in the northwest of Malawi in the south of Africa, Tanzania is in the northeast and Mozambique in the east. Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa) in the eastern part of the country, which has no shore, constitutes 20 percent of its surface area. Lake Malawi extends from […]

North Macedonia / Maps, Geography, Facts

Flag Capital Tourism&Travel North Macedonia is one of the most important countries in the Balkans. It is located on the Balkan Peninsula. There are Serbia and Kosovo in the north, Albania in the west, Greece in the south, and Bulgaria in the east.┬áThe official language is Macedonian. Currency is dinar. Also, the capital […]

Kenya / Maps, Geography, Facts

Flag Capital Tourism&Travel Counties It is an Eastern African country known for its safari tours, which will allow you to discover national parks, nature, wildlife and their lifestyles rather than historical sites. The capital city Nairobi is the largest and most developed city. There are two official languages, Swahili and English. Apart from […]