Usage of Nuclear Weapons in the World

Usage of Nuclear Weapons in the World. Nuclear weapons are weapons that have a high destructive power, obtained by the combination of nuclear reaction and nuclear fusion, or by a much stronger fusion. Unlike general explosives, it is used to do much more damage. A weapon used is powerful enough to destroy an entire city […]

Scandinavian Countries Map

Scandinavian Countries / Which Countries are Scandinavian?

Scandinavian Countries / Which Countries are Scandinavian? The Scandinavian region is located in the north of the European continent. The countries in this region are called Scandinavian countries. It adjacent The Norwegian Sea in the west, the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Gulf of Bothnia between eastern Sweden and Finland and the North Sea […]

Danube River Map

The Capitals that Danube River Passes Through

The Capitals that Danube River Passes Through. There are five capitals in Europe which Danube River passes through. The capital cities where the Danube River crosses from west to east, respectively; Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest. It is the starting point of the Danube River in Ulm, 90 km from Stuttgart. Historically and traditionally Ulm […]

Black Lemur

Animals Living in Madagascar

Animals Living in Madagascar. Until today, there have been a variety of living beings living in Madagascar, but we have unfortunately destroyed some special species as human beings. For example, elephant birds, the world’s largest birds, are also among those species that are consumed. The size of these birds was about 3 meters. The jackpot […]


Starbucks Worldwide

Starbucks, which opened its first branch in 1971, has become the largest coffee shop in the world, especially with its expansion in the last 10 years. The annual revenue of Starbucks, which was $ 4.1 billion in 2003, rose by nearly 400% to $ 16.46 billion during the period up to 2014. At present, around […]

Countries With Names by Region of Origin

Approximately one-fourth of the countries in the world have taken their names according to various characteristics of the region they are in. For example, Algeria (aljazair) means islands because there were small islands in front of the coast, but later they merged with the land and disappeared. Here is the map of Countries with names by […]

The Countries Where the Traffic is Left Hand

The Countries Where the Traffic is Left Hand. In the past, most of the people were using the left side of the road. There was a very reasonable reason for this. In the past centuries, it wasn’t possible to know whether someone coming from across the road was an enemy or a friend. Since people […]

Women Rights of Vote and Election in Europe

The struggle for the right to vote, which started in the first half of the 1600s, gradually began to take place organically in the 19th century. Let’s take a chronological look at women’s rights to choose and elect by the countries. 1900’s 🇫🇮Finland (1906) In 1906, Finland became the first European country to grant women’s […]

The Rarest Plants of the World

The Rarest Plants of the World. For reasons such as habitat degradation, runaway harvesting and the invasion of other creatures, the future of plants we share in our list is threatened. Plants that are at risk of extinction according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN). 1. Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant It is estimated that this carnivore, which […]

Countries That Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

As we approach each year on February 14, the valentines get a sweet flurry. While the newspapers fill the “expensive gift” news that the celebrities give their loved ones, we show our love by a few more modest gifts. All sights, cafes and restaurants and also shopping centers are decorated with the theme of Valentine’s […]

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